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Personalized Graduation Gifts :: Signature Graduation Platter
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Personalized Graduation Gifts: Signature Graduation Platter
Personalized Graduation Gifts
Signature Graduation Platter
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Signature Graduation Platter

Commemorate a Special Graduation Event! When you order this unique alternative to a traditional guest book, we will ship you an 11" x 17" paper template for your guests to sign. As soon as the template is filled with your guest's well wishes, send it back to us.

We will transform your signed paper template to a piece of digital film. The film is used to make an exact replica of your signatures using ceramic glazes. Then we transfer the glaze signatures to the platter and fire it to 1,500° F. The signatures become permanently fused to the platter's white glaze. They will not chip, abrade or scratch off.

This is not a marking pen process that you bake in your home oven. Our celebration plates are the real thing. The finished product is truly dishwasher, microwave, oven, freezer & food safe. Your guest's signatures and special messages are preserved forever.

Please return signed templates by registered mail, FedEx or UPS and be sure to obtain a tracking number. We are not responsible for templates lost in transit from your place to the factory. After we receive your template, it is our responsibility to guarantee that your platter will be delivered just as you ordered it. We guarantee it.

• Length: 16.5". Width: 13". Depth: 1.5".
• A Unique & Personal Graduation Gift.
• It is Guaranteed to Last Forever.
• It Will Never Chip, Abrade, Scratch or Fade.
• Fired to 1,500° F.

Signature Graduation Platter
Item# DCD822GRADBDAY   Signature Graduation Platter   $179.95

Available from $124.95 Go to our Secure Order Form

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